Project Gallery: Historic Restoration

While respecting the original craftsmen and construction, Connor Design-Build endeavors to revive historic structures and elements, returning them to their original distinction. When feasible, traditional methods and materials are utilized. Modern materials are carefully selected and used only when necessary to ensure strength and durability while not degrading or leading to the destruction of the historic elements.

Library Furniture Restoration & Construction

A Furniture Restoration & Construction project for the Pennsylvania State Law Library.

1902 Brownstone Veranda Restoration & Rebuild

A restoration project in an arts and crafts house needing historic structural support and featuring a brownstone veranda with stone walls and copper integrated gutters.

Preservation Pennsylvania Restoration

A copper touret restoration with curved glass windows, a door restoration with ultra high gloss finish, and a deck restoration featuring mahogany balustrades and posts and composite decking.

Glen Allen Mill Restoration

Restoration of this Mechanicsburg mill built in 1830 using timber framing and stop splayed wedged scarf joints.

Art Association Plaster Restoration

Wall and corbel plaster repair at the Art Association of Harrisburg building.

Harris-Cameron Porch Restoration & Structural Reinforcement

An historic building porch repair using fluted wood columns with bases and a painted finish. Also reinforced structure of building with concrete bases and framing.

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