Project Gallery: Hardwood Floors

More than a protective coating, quality finishes are the product of meticulous manipulations and refinements. Whether repairing and refinishing the existing floors of a home or creating a custom design for newly installed hardwood, Connor Design-Build's careful selection of method and material and precise application allow the finish to enhance and showcase the character of the wood surface. The result is a perfect meld of beauty and durability.

Quartered White Oak & Walnut Floor

A custom quartered white oak and walnut hardwood floor in a geometric pattern.

Factory Floor and Surface Finishing

A hardwood floor project in a prominent factory building.

Historic Chestnut Floor Restoration

A hardwood floor restoration project with restored chestnut stair treads and white risers.

Historic Hardwood Floor Finish Restoration

An historic hardwood floor restoration using a finish reamalgamation process.

Custom Border Floor Restoration

An oak hardwood floor with hand painted custom floor border and mariners compass feature.

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